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I’m a Glasgow based Graphic Designer passionate about Logo Design and Brand Identity. I enjoy bringing creative solutions to life and working closely with clients to create unique and impactful brands!

Based on personal interests using different techniques and styles. Created in Adobe Illustrator.
Be Creative
Logo Design | Brand Development | Brand Guidelines | Stationery | Brochures & Catalogues | Social Media Design | UX & Web Design | Assets for Web | Video Editing | Digital Photography
Voyage Maison
Brand Development | Brand Guidelines | Stationery | Brochures & Catalogues | Packaging Design | UX/UI for e-Commerce | Assets for Web | Motion Graphics | Video Editing
Sogno Cafe
Logo Design
In Your Corner
Logo Design | Branding
Simple Media Solutions
Brand Development | Marketing Collaterals | Stationery | Social Media Design | UX/UI | Motion Graphics | Digital Photography
UK VO Fund
Logo Design | Branding | Brochure
Logo Design | Branding | Marketing Collaterals | Infographics | eBooks & Brochures | Landing Pages | Motion Graphics
Simple Business Centre
Logo Design | Branding | Digital Photography | UX & UI
INCo Marketing
Rebranding | Brand Development | Internal & External Marketing Collaterals | Brochures, Newsletter & E-Books | Flyer Design | Infographics | Landing Pages | In-House Photography & Video + Editing
North Lanarkshire Pool League
Logo Design | Social Banners
Logo Design | Branding | Stationery - Self-motivated project
Laura Costa
Logo Design | Rebranding | Stationery
Costa Del Sol Luxury Villa
Logo Design
Carnbooth Residences
Logo Design | Branding | Brochure
Jessica Diamond
Logo Design | Branding | Social Media Design | Photo Shoot | Video Editing
Performance Lab
Logo Design | Branding | Social Media Design
Logo Design for Klawbox, a handmade press on nails shop with attitude!
Clear Plan
Logo Redesign | Brand Development | Web & email banners
V&G's Coffee House
Logo Design and Branding for an upcoming high quality coffee shop based in Glasgow.
Magnolia Garden
Logo Design | Branding | Stationery - Self-motivated project
Krav Maga Miami
Promotional flyer design, photo shoot and image editing.
Miami Kiteboarding
Logo Design (Rebranding) | Brand Development | Signages & Posters | Newsletter Design | Marketing Collaterals | On-site Photography & Videography
Le Salon des Fleurs
Rebranding proposal for a flower shop based in Melbourne that provides bespoke custom orders, corporate arrangements, walk ins and online orders. The client wanted an elegant and feminine logo without being cute. The challenge was to present a series of concepts that would convey a high quality service while representing the varieties of seasonal and tropical flowers and/or overall organic feel. For this project I have prioritised a fine line style as it emphasises a chic and high end feel.
Logo Design for an online fabric shop based in London.
Lombardas Nr. 1
Rebranding project for a pawn shop located in Vilnius Old Town, Lithuania. Lombardas Nr. 1 is specialised in high-quality gold and jewellery selling & buying.
Garbutt + Elliott
Brand Development and Web Design concepts for Garbutt + Elliott, a forward thinking accounting firm based in York and in Leeds.
Email banner and brochure design for an accounting and cash flow management platform.
The Macallan
Reimagining The Macallan brand after visiting their distillery in May 2019 (use of own photographs). Logo, Packaging and Home Page Design with an emphasis on cultural heritage represented through black & white imagery, Celtic pattern and typography.
Online Youth Manager
Email banners and iconography design for an online youth camp management company.
Frutiger: A life's work
Book Design
Minimalist and geometric logomarks with a vibrant colour palette to enhance the digital and modern feel.
Self-published creative zine about Glasgow Street Art using my own photography.
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